Sellers Guide

Our Homeselling Process: A roadmap for a successful move


  • Assess your home’s competition
  • Price your home to compete



  • Assess your home’s condition
  • Prepare your home for sale



  • Design marketing collateral
  • Rollout advertising campaigns


Follow Up

  • Generate buyer interest
  • Solicit feedback from showings



  • Coordinate with all parties
  • Execute a smooth closing


Preparing Your Home to Sell: Help Assess And Prepare Your Home

Advantages of Preparing Your Home


Pre‐Inspection Advantages

  • Identifies deal killers up front
  • Allows you to repair items now at a lower price
  • Buyers perceive your home as a better value
  • Helps us negotiate from a position of strength


Home Warranty Advantages

  • Helps home sell faster and at a higher price
  • Reduces risk for post-sale litigation
  • Buyer perceive your home as a better value


Staging Advantages

  • 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less
  • Staged homes sell for a 17% higher price on average


Pricing System & Premium Online Placement

The market has a short attention span, so pricing right the first time is critical.


Enhancing Your Listing

We feature your listing on our website at,, in the local paper, and in different real-­‐estate magazines to maximize exposure and attract more buyers. Enhancing your listing enables it to stand out from other listings. It also allows you to view reports and see the positive effect that our marketing efforts have on your listing. We enhance your listing by adding:

  • Our contact information and photo
  • A featured virtual tour
  • Up to 25 property photos
  • A custom property description
  • A listing brochure
  • Open house alerts


How Our Mobile Friendly Website Helps Sell Your Listing

  • Mobile applications are used by 68% of new home shoppers at the onset and throughout their research
  • Our mobile website is fully integrated with
  • Sends notifications when users save searches, listings, inquire about a listing, or request a showing
  • Provides buyers accurate and up-­to­‐date information


Our Follow Up: We Keep In Touch With Potential Buyers

Leads from our website are automatically entered into our lead management system. From within the application we pursue each lead using a detailed follow-­‐up system. Our Follow-­‐up system includes scheduled phone calls and emails, which ensure that no lead slips through the cracks. All leads receive regular updates about your property.


How We Market Your Home: Every Day We’re Working For You


Professional Marketing Collateral

We feature your listing in our professionally designed flyers and brochures.


Premium Online Placement

We feature your listing on, and


Follow Up

We follow up on every lead with our sales management platform


About Taylor Realty Negotiating Strategy

Our Negotiation Process: We negotiate from a position of strength



  • Negotiate from a position of strength



  • Our asking price is backed by a solid market analysis
  • Preparations such as pre-­‐inspections give buyers less ammunition to back out


We have a counter­‐offer strategy designed to:

  • Identify buyer’s motivations
  • Place you in a position of strength
  • Negotiate based on facts
  • Find a win-­‐win situation


How We Help During Closing

Our team reviews all contracts, addenda, and disclosures for accuracy. We are always available to answer any questions you have throughout the process.


Promises Don’t Sell Homes­‐Processes Do: Our Processes Work 

With our intelligent pricing, thoughtful preparation, excellent marketing and follow-­‐up, negotiation strategy, and our coordinated closing, your listing is given the best opportunity to sell quickly at the highest price possible