Balancing cost effectiveness & enhanced visual appeal

For sellers, home renovation should be a careful balance between cost effectiveness and enhanced visual appeal. A well-­‐planned remodeling project may not only expedite a sale, it may also increase the value of the home. The most economical renovations use space already built into a home – attics and basements are ideal. This allows for expansion of habitable square footage without the hassle and cost of increasing a home’s foundation. Beyond overhauling basements and attics, every room in a house can be an opportunity for change. Here are more ways to beautify you space.



When working with a smaller space like a bathroom, less is more. A new shower curtain or hand towels could be just enough. If the bathroom requires a deeper cosmetic fix, consider replacing one major item – a basin, sink or tub, for instance – before renovating everything. This way, buyers will focus on the lavishness of a newly installed countertop and not on the floor tiles you haven’t replaced.



If a house is a living, breathing thing, then the kitchen is its heart. Make sure this all-­‐important center of home life maintains a steady beat with renovation focused on utility and convenience. The latest microwave, stove or dishwasher will attract buyers hoping for a kitchen that hums with modern functionality – and not the sound of a too loud refrigerator. Brand new countertops or a kitchen table will whet buyers’ appetites for a sale. Similar to bathrooms, kitchens can benefit from small yet tasteful updates. Add color and texture with a new backsplash or insert hints of personality with unique door and drawer handles. These touches help buyers visualize how they could customize a kitchen to reflect their own taste.


Living Room

Like the chameleon of home renovation, a living room is one of the most changeable spaces in a house. Popular living room projects often focus on creating more space by reshaping the room’s boundaries. Other common fixes include replacing outdated furniture, and adding a new area rug, decorative lamp or throw pillows.



Outdoor features give a home character yet can be a concern to some clients. Buyers who seek the rustic hominess of a wraparound porch might be turned off by its splintered wood and creaking floorboards. Make sure your decking is in top shape; spend a little time and money to refinish surfaces. Look for other simple fixes such as missing roof tiles, stuffed rain gutters and loose bricks. And when you think exterior, think color: There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to make a house shine anew.