Pricing Your Home

Get It Right To Sell Quickly

Price too high and your home may sit forever on the market. Price too low and you may short‐change yourself in a recovering real estate market.


Speak candidly with Taylor Realty agents. We have a deep understanding of market conditions and factors driving both home prices and housing demand.


A well-­devised price tag will take into consideration a detailed review of comparable home sales in the area during the past 3-6 months, as well as an assessment of comparable homes currently for sales. Of course, the condition of homes makes a difference in its price; properties that are adequately maintained show better and will sell for more than a comparable house subject to neglect or obvious wear and tear.


Steps to Discovering a Price


Asking your agent for a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA)

We will gladly perform a CMA, which is an informal estimate of a home’s value based on comparable sales in the neighborhood. This includes detailed comparisons of homes’ size, age, location and features to determine a reasonable price range for your property. You can then adjust the price based on variables in home and lot size, upgrades, condition, and location.


Researching the competition

Use our website to search online for homes in your area and see how your desired price point compares. Is your home in better or worse shape? How does your home price stack up? Ask a friend along for an unbiased opinion.


Deciding What else you can bring to the negotiation table

Remember, nearly everything is negotiable in a home sale. Your agent may suggest providing a non‐price incentive such as: offering to pay closing costs; including furniture or items that caught a buyers eye; providing a new‐appliance allowance; or fixing damages uncovered in a recent inspection. These stipulations may diffuse a buyer’s uncertainty or allow for wiggle room when you set a price on your home. ~ To be sure, a home is much more than the sum of its bricks and beams but a seller’s emotional attachment can throw the price-­setting equation off track. Most homeowners naturally feel connected to their property, which is why an unbiased professional opinion is ideal. We are there to remind you that a house in good condition will sell. But if you’re having trouble keeping feelings at bay, rest assured that the memories you made in your home will last long after the sale.