a crucial step toward finalizing your real estate transaction

A home inspection will help to inform you about the current condition of the property. An objective inspection provides a buyer with a clearer understanding of the home’s condition and true value. It may also give sellers a checklist of things important to buyers to fix before the sale.


Whether buying or selling, we can help you through the home inspection process. Our agents routinely recommend inspections for properties of all types – from older properties to newly built homes.


Expect our agents to…

  • Refer you to reliable inspectors to perform a thorough examination of the property.
  • Share and analyze all inspection reports with you.
  • Advise you regarding the need for an “inspection contingency clause” in your contract, which may help you negotiate needed repairs before a sale is finalized.


Remember! A home inspection is a crucial step toward finalizing your real estate transaction and full comprehension of inspection results is essential. We will close the gap between a home’s unknowns and it’s proper repairs, speeding you on your way to your purchase or sale.